Turn-key Interior Solutions 
for Civil & Military industry



Whatever the need, we will do our outmost to fulfill your wishes.
With focus on turn-key Aircraft Interior Solutions, we strive to deliver the best restoration, refurbishment or modification to your cabin, and we are always open to discuss any special needs. Are the seats worn out, the carpet stain-affected or maybe just a desire for a new look - we are here to support you.

Besides any interior replacement, we offer our Cabin-Care. A thorough cleaning and maintenance of your cabin or cockpit, with leather rinse -and care for all leather material, rinse and stain removal of all carpets and mats and a careful eye for all remaining small details, to make your cabin and cockpit shine!

Part of The SA Group
In perfect symmetry with the rest of our capabilities within The SA Group we are EASA Part-145 / -21J / -21G approved and provide complete aircraft nose to tail programs. Therefore, in short -

  we support your needs from initial design to execution and finalization.


Cabin and Cockpit Care of aircraft interior,

Cabin Crew Courses.


Seat Upholstery, New Carpentry, Side panel -and sealing refurbishment, Veneer work on galley and cabinets.


Care-kits, customized bed systems and accessories, customized pillows, blankets, towels etc.


We are always available to discuss your requirements and wishes and consult on how we can help you.


Let us take your interior-journey from the beginning to the end!

Let us guide you through fabrics, colors, compositions, and the entire process, for you to fly the cabin of your dreams!

Are the seats getting tired, the carpet stained, walls dirty and the ceiling loose? Then let us support you. We can handle all aspects of your interior whether your need is for seats, carpets, panels or the whole cabin in one project.


Keep your interior intact and make your whole fleet present itself!

We use careful rinse -and leather care for your seats to make the leather collect itself and give a new shine.
Your carpets are cared for with soft and efficient stain removal and covering carpet rinse.
To the best ability we remove stains and shields on your panels and sealings with gentle care and caution.

Let all the above be your reason to make your cabin shine, without a full refurbishment.

Bed-systems, Care-Kit, Pillows or blankets?

We offer several different possibilities for interior products. Especially our bed-system, made on special fitting measurements is significant for the longer flights. Do you have any special wishes - please contact us and we are happy to see what we can do for you.